Unfortunate - But Maybe Rise From the Ashes

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Unfortunate - But Maybe Rise From the Ashes

Postby Tommo » Wed Aug 17, 2016 7:58 pm

https://www.forestgreenroversfc.com/new ... ier-league

It did seem that this was going to be another tough season so not astonishing news. But a pity nonetheless. Hopefully the team can find a niche a bit further down and then rise up again.
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Re: Unfortunate - But Maybe Rise From the Ashes

Postby Timb » Thu Aug 18, 2016 8:21 pm

It is very unfortunate news.

It also almost coincides with our announcement that GRASS ROOTS is to be launched.

GRASS ROOTS is the son (or daughter) of GRASS.

GRASS (give regularly assist squad sponsorship) was launched a long time ago by Messrs Trueman and Jubb, both supporters of FGR. They saw an opportunity to raise money to help the club board out and bring new players to FGR. It was very successful over the years and raised tens of thousands of pounds to help keep the FGR first team in the Conference.

With Dale's investment in FGR, GRASS kind of paled into insignificance monetary wise and it has remained dormant since 2010.

GRASS ROOTS will operate in exactly the same way as GRASS

But rather than financially supporting the first team it will support the FGR Ladies squad and the FGR Youth teams. Exclusively.

We will be asking supporters to sign up to a monthly subscription of anything from £10 a month upwards to build up funds to be able to assist when help is needed.

You will be able to specify either exclusive support to one or other of FGR Ladies or FGR Youth. Or you will be able to specify a 50-50 split.

The announcement this week shows how much your support would be appreciated.

The figure head will be David Drew who hopefully you will be able to approach on match days to discuss. The account will be administered by FGR Supporters Club and all applications from FGR Ladies and FGR Youth will be vetted and public. You will know exactly where your money goes.

In anticipation of the formal announcement later this month, if you would like to express an interest in supporting GRASS ROOTS, please let us know maybe by posting here.

Bad timing. If we could have got it sorted out 6 months ago......

Come On Rovers.
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