FGR Ladies 3 - 0 Cheltenham Town Development Match Report

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FGR Ladies 3 - 0 Cheltenham Town Development Match Report

Postby Chipmonk1 » Mon Feb 13, 2017 4:58 pm

Elsie’s View!
On Sunday, the FGR ladies had an outstanding game against Cheltenham Town Development; where they won 3-0. From the kick off the way they played as a team was so skillful and tactical that they were on the attack immediately. After a few near misses the Cheltenham goal keeper fumbled a shot which left the whole goal free and number 7, Ashleigh Watson, used it and took a shot. But unfortunately the angle she hit it at meant that it went over the crossbar. That was one of a few near misses, though they still continued to create plenty more chances to score.
Both teams were fairly physical in defence and our captain, Sam Morris, I don’t think knew her own strength when she tackled a player in the second half and got booked for it. Although, Cheltenham’s Goalkeeper pushed Charlie Rowlands to the floor and didn’t even get a warning! That’s a bit unfair ref. However, that didn’t stop Charlie from scoring though because not long after she scored a brilliant goal hitting it right into the back of the net. FGR kept on pushing for a second goal but couldn’t finish it off before half time.
In the second half and it took us a little while to adjust back into the game as Cheltenham started strong and were dominating for a short while. But it didn’t take us long to get back into our way of playing and around 20minutes into the second half number 15 for FGR scored a fantastic goal which I think was meant to be a cross but it just went past the Keepers hands and slid straight into the goal. We were still fighting for a third though because you never know with football and Cheltenham could still score; luckily our defence kept their position and didn’t let much get into their end. Rhiann Robins then took advantage of this and scored an amazing third goal for FGR winning the match for them in style.
Personally my player of the match has to go to Lorea Sarobe as she played with skill and intelligence knowing where the ball should go every time she had it. Hopefully, we can play as well as we did today when we play AEK Boco next Sunday at Slimbridge in a battle between 1st and 2nd in the league. Hope to see you all there for the top of the table clash which could determine who’s going to win the league and get promoted.
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