Amalgamation Update & Joining Details for 2015/16

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Amalgamation Update & Joining Details for 2015/16

Postby FGR Supporters Club » Mon Jul 06, 2015 10:44 pm

Update on Amalgamation of Supporters Groups @ FGR
Following our latest communication on 20th June, a series of meetings with FGR have been held and further progress has been made.

In anticipation of the amalgamation of the supporters groups at FGR this summer, we are pleased to issue a further update on how the new group will operate and details of how to join for the 2015-2016 season.

FGR Supporters Club Membership – 2015/16

What will the new group be doing for me?
Firstly, once the fans groups have amalgamated, it has been agreed the new Supporters Club will have a seat on the Executive Board at FGR. This representation will be representing fans views at Executive Board meetings, allowing any views you have to be taken direct to those responsible for running the club.

The Supporters Club, through some of the money we raise, will also continue to purchase shares in FGR and while any shareholding will only represent a tiny proportion of the total shares in issue, it does maintain and promote continued supporter ownership of FGR. In addition to this, we will also use funds raised to help provide services and benefits to our members, such as subsidised Away Travel.

What will it cost me?
To promote membership in our first year, we have reviewed the previous cost of annual membership and taken the decision to reduce this by 33% to just £10 for adult members! Any juniors (Under 16’s on 1st July 2015) can sign up for £5.

Application forms will be circulated shortly and on joining members will receive a Supporters Club membership card.

What will I get if I become a Member?
Probably the biggest benefit of joining is that be becoming a member of the Supporters Club, you can receive a 50% discount on the FGR Membership Scheme.

This means for a total of £20 (£10 for your Supporters Club Membership and £10 for your FGR Membership) you can access the full benefits of both schemes. Given the price of the FGR Membership Scheme is £20 if purchased individually, it really would be in your interests to join both!

Aside from the 50% reduction in the cost of FGR Membership, as a member of the Supporters Club you will also be invited to join us as two Supporters Club Match day events in the Black and White Lounge held on designated matches to be announced at a later date.

All Supporters Club members will also receive one half price voucher to bring along a friend of family member to a selected FGR league fixture (the details of which will be confirmed later in the season).

In addition to all this, you will also gain access to our renowned Away Travel service at a discounted price as we aim, in partnership with FGR, to continue to provide our fans with access to the cheapest away travel in the league.

Finally, for those of you interested in becoming a volunteer and helping out on a matchday, we will also have a number of opportunities to get involved throughout the season.

For our Junior Members, we will also enter you all into a draw to win the opportunity to be a Club Mascot for a day and lead the team out in front of a hopefully packed New Lawn.

What’s the point of FGR having a membership scheme and the Supporters Club also offering a membership scheme?
While many might ask why are there still two different membership schemes when we are in the process of amalgamating the two existing supporters groups, there are reasons behind this.

The FGR Membership Scheme has been introduced to allow supporters to register as supporters and to avoid the mayhem in the run up to the Bristol Rovers play off matches.

The amalgamation of the supporters groups has been in discussion since June 2014, and has taken time to work out logistically given the different constitutional make ups of the two groups, meaning we were not in a position to discuss a joined up approach with the club at the time their membership scheme was already launched.

In seasons to come the two membership schemes will be better dovetailed.

Please also note that membership of FGR supporters club does not automatically mean you become a member of the FGR membership scheme, and vice versa.

Well I’ve already joined the FGR Membership Scheme, so I’ve missed out on the benefit of the 50% reduction in cost offered by joining the Supporters Club?
In recognition of the fact that some supporters have purchased FGR membership at the full price of £20, before any details of the Supporters Club membership has been made public for the forthcoming season, the Supporters Club would like to offer free membership of the Supporters Club to all of these supporters.

All these individuals will need to do is provide proof of their FGR Membership and complete an application form for the Supporters Club to join.

What if I’m a season ticket holder who gets the FGR Membership Scheme free?
We would also like to offer Season ticket holders to join the Supporters Club free of charge, should they so wish, upon the completion of the Supporters Club Application form.

For those season ticket holders (or existing FGR Membership holders for that matter) who will be entitled to free membership, there will be the opportunity for you to make a donation of your choosing on signing up, should you wish to do so.

I get it now and want to join, how do I sign up?
Application Forms for the Supporters Club will be available at some point this week. All you need to do is complete the form in full and return it to us, along with your membership fee (should one be applicable).

Once your application has been processed, we will issue you with a membership card recognising you as a fully-fledged member of the group. Here’s to a successful 2015-16 campaign!

How can I join a new amalgamated group which hasn’t been formalised yet?
Although the new version of the Supporters Club is still being finalised, we are encouraging members to sign up now.

While technically you will be a member of the existing Supporters Club, once the new group is formalised, all current and existing members will be automatically transferred to the new amalgamated group, with membership running until 30th June 2016.
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