On Showing Our Respects

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On Showing Our Respects

Postby Football Poets » Fri Sep 13, 2019 6:42 pm

To everyone in Our Football Family :

I hope you don't all mind me posting this. I wasn't at Cambridge but I know some of you who were.

For our FGR fan who sadly passed away after attending the Cambridge game. Each to their own..and some may frown...but .It would be great to see some flowers ,scarves or flags or anything by the match day wooden sign on the roundabout.on Saturday v Colchester Utd .

With respect and courtesy to the family, we have not as yet been informed of the name of a fellow Forest Green Rovers fan who so sadly passed away this week ,We will hopefully be able pay our respects at the New Lawn this weekend as our thoughts go out to his family, friends and loved ones. RIP,

Our Football Family

A weekend like so many we plan them all life long

We sit or stand as football fans in In silence or in song

And something seems to join us our work is left behind

A few hours at the football with winning on our mind

This custom brings us closer with fans we only see

Whenever we are playing ...our football family ~

He lived out in the South East a good trek from the West

But like so many ..you and I ..he always did his best

And few of us here knew him - nor did we know his name

This long-time Rovers football fan who set off for the game

But like the unknown solider the same as you and me

He was a part of this strange crew - The football family ~

But there alone in Cambridge while others made their way

He fell before the turnstiles upon that Saturday

They tried so hard to save him with expert help at hand

They fought so hard to keep him here our fellow football fan ~

The sad news we all dreaded days later it came through

And put into perspective so much of what we do

Our hopes our gripes our banter our gloating and our moans

Our worries and excitement before we leave our homes

But like the unknown solider who journeyed off to war

This football fan set off that day like many times before ~

I never even knew him but still my heart is sore

It hurts to think of him that day - his life is his no more

So think then as you make you way - however you may strive

Whoever you may follow how precious is this life

We come together at our games like some community

We’re all a part of this strange crew - uur football family

c.Crispin Thomas
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Re: On Showing Our Respects

Postby NewForestRover » Sat Sep 14, 2019 7:36 pm

Around 12.30pm I added flowers to the wooden sign on the roundabout.

When I left after the match others had added flowers, shirts and scarves and it looked beautiful.

Thank you Football Poets for enabling us to pay tribute to the fan who is no longer with us.
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Re: On Showing Our Respects

Postby cornishman » Sun Sep 15, 2019 10:48 am

Great tribute, Crispin.
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