Sometimes (Promotion Feelings Poem)

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Sometimes (Promotion Feelings Poem)

Postby Football Poets » Thu May 18, 2017 3:30 pm


sometimes there are no words to find
that can express in prose or rhyme
this achievement this promotion
this relief and this emotion
felt in ev'ry single fan
who's longed for this since they began
who dreamt of this through thick and thin
the scrappy loss the narrow win
who came up here to sit or stand
so often with their heart in hand
the quiet stands that saw it all
the final rise after the fall
but now our hearts beat louder than
some drum and bass or garage band
like shackled prisoners breaking free
we've fin'lly made it to the league
and care not what they say or do
now we've been shown that dreams comes true

it's hard to work it's hard to sleep
the sounds and images that keep
repeating over in our brain
they rumble on just like the train
or coach or car that brought us home
from Wembley that we made our own
we hold our breath we count to ten
but then re-live it all again
and just like little children do
we realize that dreams come true

the changes burst like sun through mist
that some at first tried to resist
convinced they could not work or last
content to wallow in the past
those seasons that would end in tears
for some it lasted decades - years
a century in black and white
the darkest depths that begged for light
the struggles here that they endured
the endless longing oft ignored
when for so long what kept hopes up
was some big draw here in the Cup
the ship that nearly ran aground
until by chance a hand was found
whose vision beckoned green and new
to prove that sometimes dreams come true

but now with concepts blown aside
the moans and groans replaced with pride
we rub our eyes we cant believe
this thing that we've at last achieved
and though the road looms large ahead
with tougher tests and days ahead
how great that now after so long
we've fin'lly found our voice and song
and sound and look like the real thing
what dramas will next season bring
it just reminds us - me and you
that yes sometimes dreams do come true


I really just wanted to convey a few of the feelings that I, and I hope some of you, are going through right now. It will pass of course and the new season will bring huge challenges. But for now , at this moment, if this season has taught us one thing is to believe.

If you have a few of your own personal KEY moments from this past amazing season season please see Farmcotian's post in the Poetry Section and share them with him. He is attempting (commendably) an Opus and would love your help .

See you all next season and here before I'm sure. I love this forum, having looked at other clubs un-monitored ones occasionally , it's a pleasure to read all your thoughts ~ Crispin/Editor Football Poets.
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