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Postby Tomiswalking » Sun Dec 03, 2017 1:40 pm

nwrover wrote:2nd half... more rugby... if the rest of the club is run like this then heaven help us


Does anyone at the club care less? Or are they just incompetent??

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Re: Green Devils LIVE

Postby Lady Magpie » Sun Dec 03, 2017 10:32 pm

On Saturday afternoon I had a rant on twitter about the terrible coverage from the BBC Radio Glos. 1413am and mentioned several times that I was listening to rugby instead of FGR. I missed the first 15 minutes and then it flashed back and forth to the rugby again. The second half started again with rugby and took 5 minutes to correct.

Now my reason for complaining on Twitter was not to be disrespectful but to let Radio Glos know what was happening, in case they hadn't realised.

Later in the evening I had a phone call from the sport presenter, (not going to name him), at the studio complaining about my tweets, accusing me of using language like ***p radio etc. I didn't and wouldn't use bad language. Anyone can check my tweets if they want to. He obviously was having a bad day.

I did say that I can't understand why the rugby had the Dab and FM stations as well as the TV Freeview 735, while FGR only get 1413am which is rubbish anyway.

Also BBC Sport had Forest Green Rovers v Exeter City live on BBC Gloucestershire and BBC Radio Devon, when I pointed this out it was soon removed from the site. I had told FGR supporters in Lincolnshire and Yorkshire that they could listen to Bob for a change. They were not amused and ended up listening to BBC Devon.

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