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A Message For Our Manager

PostPosted: Wed Nov 08, 2017 11:15 pm
by NewForestRover
Congratulations MC on nomination and really hope you win because you deserve to.

Start of season you were known to everyone else but not to me so only went by first impressions.

I listened to interviews, read comments on here and and thought that your man management was bad and overall attitude was making you unlikeable so my first impressions weren't good.

But gradually you started to win me over. You found the right formula and everything fell into place. Confidence returned, team spirit and morale improved and players walked onto the pitch knowing we could win rather than fearing we would lose.
Judging by your interviews you are so much happier, more relaxed and 100% positive and what a difference it's made.

We've started winning!

You were trying so hard and nothing was going right. Some fans lost faith. You weren't flavour of the month but you've proved them all wrong and you definitely are now!
I always believed, but you'll know that already if you read this forum and I'm sure you do.

Good luck for MOTM.
If you don't win this month? Justice hasn't been done.

We're all behind you. You can win it next month instead.....

And the month after! :D