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Re: Quorn

Postby The Old TomCat » Thu Jul 18, 2019 11:07 am

After the game at Yate, I watched the day's round-up of the Tour-de-France.
Included was an extensive report of one of the team [CCC] who who gone vegan.
The riders on the Tour are amongst the fittest people on the planet and the in-depth report came out very positive in both good supplement for their riders and variety of food on table,
I was more than impressed.
Show still available on Channel 4 catch-up.
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Re: Quorn

Postby paulK » Fri Jul 19, 2019 9:54 pm

michael wrote:
michael wrote:Interesting stuff about the 'link up ' on the official site.

what bugs me as ever is that the club keep promoting this vegan image-fine-but the selection available in north and south stands is rubbish .

here again -freebie quorn bites to those in the east stand, but not to those in the south and north stands.

Missed the freebie whatevers. Forgotten what a Quorn Pie looks like.

I imagine it's because I can't be bothered to stand in a long queue for goodness knows how long in the hope I may get what I think i'm queueing for and go off to the new bar in vain hope.

Hopefully next season better NEW&S all round,
My mileage; yours may vary, of course.....
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Re: Quorn

Postby Eco-Exile » Wed Jul 24, 2019 8:34 pm

Timb wrote:I played footy tonight and now down the social network for a few sherberts.

Knock me down with a feather but since last visiting on Sunday for the chesterfield game the landlady has introduced a vegan menu alongside the other one. I've been drinking here for well over 30 years and seen zebra steaks, snake, buffalo etc and then nachos with stuff etc.

Just had a falafel wrap and the biggest shock was it's a proper full on job. Crispy falafel, chickpeas, fresh spinach, onion salad, chilli sauce. Tahini and a toasted flat bread.

I'm shocked that a traditional Youngs Pub in Wandsworth is doing it. Long may it continue. It's saved me going for a kebab later........

All I am shocked about is that there was somewhere in Wandsworth which didn’t yet have vegan options.
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