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FGR's tomes outsell Reece-Mogg!

PostPosted: Thu May 30, 2019 10:51 am
by Chrisgump11
Not a headline you'll read every day!

I gather that Reece-Mogg's universally panned book on The Victorians has sold just 700 or so copies, most of those being in Westminster

That means that he has been outsold by books on FGR authored by Tim Barnard, Shane and yours truly. Whatever that means!

One big difference however. Reece-Mogg was paid a thumping 5 figure advance which his publishers are unlikely to see back. In fact that advance is greater than the profits from both my books, all of which were paid to GDA charity. I guess FGR, Tim & Shane would echo that position too.

Still, I guess his advance will go some way towards the costs of his horse drawn carriage to and from Somerset?