Harringey Borough players walk off and match abandoned

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Re: Harringey Borough players walk off and match abandoned

Postby Kentstripe » Tue Oct 22, 2019 4:08 pm

Think the aftermath of this situation has been handled very well by all parties, the two individuals have been swiftly arrested and widely condemned, and the FA have not overreacted by punishing either club.

All in all it sends out a strong message, especially if the two men (if proven guilty) are handed hefty punishments inc possible custodial sentences, and actually could create a positive effect from what was a disappointing incident.
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Re: Harringey Borough players walk off and match abandoned

Postby Chrisgump11 » Wed Oct 23, 2019 2:39 pm

You get the feeling that there is a certain amount of 'copy-catism' about, as with many crimes. Shameful and contemptible.

If any good is to come of these dire hate crimes, it is enliven the insipid 'kick it out' & 'respect' campaign. As Pitchfork implies we have to be actively anti-racist and loudly intolerant of those who perpetrate these vile views. And that includes leading politicians who think it smart to scorn ethnic customs to appeal to right wing support

FGR has led in so many ethical and ecological areas in recent years and has always been a friendly, welcoming club. Which other teams applaud opposition supporters? Let's keep doing what we do so well and show what respect really means to our opponents and their supporters
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