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Shortwood 2-2 Slimbridge

PostPosted: Wed Feb 07, 2018 12:00 am
by The Old TomCat
Boxing Day fixture cancelled for bad weather rearranged for a snowy evening in February.
Two on loan from FGR in Shortwood’s first eleven. Unfortunately three minutes into game goalkeeper Harry Pickering (FGR) was forced to pick ball from back of his net. The ball was on edge of his area and he a Slimbridge forward both went for it but the forward just nicked it into back of goal.

Very bad collision middle of first half when a Slimbridge player went down after being tackled and was carried off, apparently with a ligament injury.
End of first half and 1-2 to away team, although Slimbridge could have easily scored more.

Second half and both sets of players had slowed down and just minutes after a Shortwood fan said they would never score Jordon Morris (FGR) equalised.
Discussion amongst the Shortwood fans on who they would nominate as MoM and Pickering’s name was amongst their choice. He had made two decent saves in first half that prevented a runaway victory to Slimbridge. But towards end of game he had a mad moment by kicking ball out of his area straight to a Slimbridge forward who should have scored.
Even before Morris scored the Shortwood fans were saying he is doing well for their team.
Pickering is happy to dominate his goal area and in fact during play when Shortwood were awarded free kicks Pickering was shouting out instruction to his team mates.

Shortwood were very happy for a draw – Slimbridge were the better team.

Shortwood is a nice club with friendly fans. One lady told me that they heard TNL crowd on Saturday and were well aware of the scores including the penalty.