SNJ v The Citizen

SNJ v The Citizen

Postby The Old TomCat » Fri Mar 10, 2017 2:27 pm

Be it far from me to suggest a boycott of the Citizen (Stroud Life) but it seems as if they are boycotting FGR.
Last Saturday I bought the Citizen solely to read their insert, 'The Pink Un'.
Not one article about FGR.
On Wednesday I always buy the SNJ and Stroud Life, which I did this week.
Again not one word/article about FGR in Stroud Life although they did mention other local teams.

The Citizen/Echo have form in upsetting fans of local clubs.
Earlier this season, the fans of Cheltenham Town FC were recommending a boycott of The Echo because of their poor reporting.

I know that FGR and Citizen/Echo have issues but it is the supporters who are missing out.
Another local club, I forget where, fell out with the local newspaper and that newspaper stopped publicising the club.
The club then went on bended knees to the paper begging forgiveness.
Perhaps The Citizen have this example in mind.
But of course here in Stroud there is competition and in Ashley of the SNJ we have probably one of the best sports journalists in Gloucestershire writing about our club.
But all the same I would like to read alternative reports about FGR.

Please Citizen editor and FGR, please, please bury the hatchet and get reports from TNL on the back pages of all the local newspapers.
But in the meantime I will only buy the SNJ.
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