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Summer Camps 2019

PostPosted: Wed Aug 07, 2019 11:05 am
by The Old TomCat
The popular Summer Camps run by Rob Sinclair seem to be doing very well.
My neighbour's two children had their names down for the Tuesday session.
They had twisted their dad for the FGR kit and were dressed waiting to go an hour before their parents were out of bed. :D


And as soon as they returned home they came knocking on my door to tell me, as a FGR supporter, of their day with Rob.
Chloe the elder said he showed her how to flick the ball into the air.
They had a terrific time.
Neither child has seen a game at TNL but they are both insisting they come to the Grimsby match.
Hopefully supporters of the future.
What I did learn from them is that the Ambassador scheme is working.
Their Ambassador at Rodborough has convinced most of his class to become FGR supporters and some of them help out on match days.
That was the reason for my young friends enthusiasm for the Summer Camp and FGR.