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PostPosted: Wed Jan 02, 2019 7:12 pm
by Pitchfork
Match Report from New Year's Day from Brendan Kitchen, our ambassador at Pates.

Brendan publishes his diary of his ambassador year on his own FGR website

I arrived late at the game. So of course it was this game where Williams scores within 61 seconds...When I actually started watching the game, it was entertaining.

The first half was extremely even apart from the quick goal. The second half had a bit more action, Northampton scored to level the game leaving about half an hour to play.

As the clock ticked down both sides had good chances, the main one of note was a Forest Green shot hitting the woodwork and being fired over from a couple of meters out. All three subs had been made by each manager, trying to bring the three points home. One of the subs, Theo Archibald, had the ball in the dying embers of the game. He lined up to take a shot from ~30 meters out, it flew, hit the hands of the Northampton keeper and went in.

A 94" winner! The crowd went ecstatic! The Northampton Town Mixed Disability Club which were sat in front of me were in complete shock. It was a brilliant moment to begin 2019 on!

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PostPosted: Wed Jan 02, 2019 8:07 pm
by The Old TomCat
Pitchfork wrote:Match Report from New Year's Day from Brendan Kitchen, our ambassador at Pates.

Brendan publishes his diary of his ambassador year on his own FGR website

A 94" winner! The crowd went ecstatic! The Northampton Town Mixed Disability Club which were sat in front of me were in complete shock. It was a brilliant moment to begin 2019 on!


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PostPosted: Wed Jan 02, 2019 9:01 pm
by paulK
Pitchfork wrote:Match Report from New Year's Day from Brendan Kitchen, our ambassador at Pates.

Brendan publishes his diary of his ambassador year on his own FGR website

I arrived late at the game. So of course it was this game where Williams scores within 61 seconds...When I actually started watching the game, it was entertaining.

The first half was extremely even apart from the quick goal. The second half had a bit more action, Northampton scored to level the game leaving about half an hour to play.

As the clock ticked down both sides had good chances, the main one of note was a Forest Green shot hitting the woodwork and being fired over from a couple of meters out. All three subs had been made by each manager, trying to bring the three points home. One of the subs, Theo Archibald, had the ball in the dying embers of the game. He lined up to take a shot from ~30 meters out, it flew, hit the hands of the Northampton keeper and went in.

A 94" winner! The crowd went ecstatic! The Northampton Town Mixed Disability Club which were sat in front of me were in complete shock. It was a brilliant moment to begin 2019 on!

Well done Brendan. I like it. The website too :D

Not sure I'll ever get used to that metres thing tho'. I'm probably too old now :?

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PostPosted: Thu Jan 03, 2019 11:28 am
by Pitchfork
FGR VS Northampton Match Report – 1/1/19

Hello, my name is Alyssa Powell. I am 10 years old and I attend Wycliffe Preparatory School. I really enjoy being an Ambassador for FGR, and I attend as many matches as I can. The team is brilliant, and they are great to watch. FGR is also very focussed on the environment and that is why I love my role and the club.

It was a brilliant start for FGR on a cold New Year’s Day, George Williams scored an amazing goal to go 1-0 up. We all stood up and cheered. Northampton immediately started attacking but a great save by our Goalkeeper meant we remained ahead, a brilliant start to 2019.

A beautiful pass by Reece Brown bought us close to a second goal, but it was intercepted and was not to be. Gavin Gunning was given a yellow card, and Tahvon Campbell went down a couple of minutes later, with Northampton getting a yellow card.

With a Northampton corner in the 41st minute we were getting nervous, but the FGR defenders did a great job. The Northampton Goalkeeper then had a disagreement with Liam Shephard and they both got a yellow card. Overall FGR seemed in control of the first half, with some brilliant passing and great attacking play.

The second half began more tentatively from FGR, and in the 49th minute Northampton scored, making it all level at 1-1. Northampton continued to attack in the second half and seemed more positive than in the first half.
By the 69th minute FGR had made all 3 of their substitutions and Northampton had made 1. Northampton made their 2nd substitution in the 76th minute.

There were four minutes injury time added and in the final minute Theo Archibald scored for FGR to make it 2-1!


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PostPosted: Thu Jan 10, 2019 8:02 pm
by John Whiffen
Well done Brendan and Alyssa, very good reports on the match, keep up the good work, FGR needs you young fans for the future.

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PostPosted: Mon Jan 21, 2019 9:23 am
by Pitchfork
Match Report by Grace Parmenter Nailsworth School

FGR .vs. Bury Sat 19th January 2019 3pm at home
I went to the game with my mum, step dad and his family from Bury (they were supporting FGR today though.) These people chose to go to the game with me. Before the game, I walked to the pub for cheesy chips and a drink with my family and friends. Then I walked up the hill to FGR. On that day in particular I was a ball girl. Before the game even started the Bolton and Bury fans had a fight outside Hobbs Bakery because some Bolton fans came to watch FGR play and Bolton and Bury are arch rivals!
In the first half, I think FGR played very well. They were attacking lots and had about five tries for a goal and eventually one of them went in! Well done Reece Brown it was a great goal!! When we scored our first and only goal though, the Bury fans, jumped over the railing and started charging at the FGR players. Luckily, the police caught them just in time. At half time, I went inside because it was freezing outside. Also, I put on my 4th layer of clothes at half time!! As a ball girl in the second half, I moved around a lot more than I did in the first half because Bury’s goalie was right near me and FGR had a lot of great tries at scoring. Overall, I think FGR played very well although sadly we lost. It was certainly an eventful game! COME ON YOU ROVERS for the next game.

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PostPosted: Mon Jan 21, 2019 9:26 am
by Pitchfork
match report by Fearne Anderton - Bluecoat School

As I sat down to drink my hot chocolate, I noticed that Bury were second and FGR were seventh in the table. I was hoping that we’d win because when I played earlier today we won the cup match and I scored. At the start the possession was mostly FGR but we got a straight on opportunity [1on1]. It got messed up. We got a second opportunity but again didn’t hit the net. This was our third opportunity now and then in the28th minute Reece Brown had a sweet goal, everyone was cheering because they deserved it.
FGR still dominated getting free kicks and corners and even some shots on target. Getting nervous on the side Bury got a free kick just outside the penalty area then another, yet both saved by our wall. [phew] . FGR started the second half well, got some more opportunities and a couple of just wide shots. FGR kept pressurising Bury but just couldn’t get one in [which was annoying]. As the sky darkened the mist rolled in. Annoyingly in the 69th minute Bury break throw and score.
FGR needed to keep creating chances and maybe score one of them. Shawn McClusky came on for his home debut. As the game started to end there was another sub for FGR. In the 83rd minute Bury ruined the game by, yes - scoring a goal! As Bury sought victory we put another sub on trying our hardest to win. Bury took the win putting the score at 1-2. Shame really because I thought they should have won. They had the chances but didn’t take them , disappointing !!! However, if they continue to make good chances hopefully they’ll win their game on Tuesday against Grimsby.

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PostPosted: Wed Jan 23, 2019 2:33 pm
by Pitchfork
Match Report v GRIMSBY from Ralph Kerry Avening School

Well it's like getting on a bike after falling off (Ralph was near the small fracas at the Bury match)....I have volunteered to be ball boy again on this freezing cold Tuesday night I really must be mad. I arrived at FGR and Sarah told me how proud she was of me and I will sit somewhere different tonight. Mum has also told me I will be having a surprise from FGR in February after being so brave.

Right on to the football. Doidge was in the team again tonight so I was hoping he would score a goal. Also an old FGR favourite was back at The New Lawn tonight playing in goal for Grimsby - Sam Russell. I was Sat by the East stand and felt much happier.

FGR started well as they always do and it looked like it was going to be a great match. In the 29th minute Doidge scored....his first goal back at FGR. All the team looked outstanding tonight and I was hoping for another goal. Then 45+1 Mills powers a rocket of a free-kick straight at Sam Russell who fends off the balland Doidge is on hand to tuck home.

Half time FGR 2 Grimsby 0. Time for a warm up and some chips.

It was getting a lot colder but the teams were back out and ready to play. Could Doidge score a hat trick? I thought every FGR player tonight looked amazing and then in the 50th minute Brown scored. I love seeing the ball hit the back of the net. I turned to look at mum and Rob and they had sneaked inside to watch as it was cold, they are not as hot blooded as me. Grimsby did not look like scoring and Sam Russell had made a few good saves but the final score was FGR 3 Grimsby 0.

A great game with more than 1 goal and I am glad to be back as ball boy.

Attendance = 1810 including 187 from Grimsby
Man of the match = Shephard
My Man of the match = All of the players

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PostPosted: Wed Jan 23, 2019 5:25 pm
by stanman
Let us know what "your surprise from FGR" is next month, Ralph.

I enjoyed your report. My best surprise from FGR is to win the next match - but perhaps you will get something even better :?: :?: :!: :!:

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PostPosted: Wed Jan 23, 2019 7:23 pm
by John Whiffen
Well done “hot blooded” Ralph, keep up the good work

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PostPosted: Sun Jan 27, 2019 8:11 pm
by Pitchfork
Match report by George and Alice French - BISLEY SCHOOL
FGR v Grimsby Town
Tuesday 22nd January 2019

The evening started at FGR very early for my brother and I as we were surprised with a FGR VIP dining experience before the match began. Imagine how surprised we were when we saw Sam Russell on the pitch warming up for Grimsby, so George and I went down to the pitch and decided to have a photo with him. George is his biggest fan.

After the meal my brother George and I had to go and get our ball boy and ball girl jackets on and make our way down to the pitch. We got to wave the flags as the players came onto the pitch. We took our seats on the stools at the side of the pitch as I was a ball girl and my brother a ball boy. We got to our seats just in time and then the game began.

25 minutes went past sitting on the side lines and then came the exciting five minutes the ball came towards Christian Doidge and he headed it into the back of the net. FGR 1 v Grimsby 0. The evening was getting colder but still we sat doing our jobs as ball girl and ball boy. FGR had a few chances but did not score any more goals until later on in the match, Grimsby had a few good chances as well but did not get the ball past James Montgomery ( FGR goalkeeper). Then in the first minute of injury time Christian Doidge made the score 2-0. The referee blew his whistle and the first half was over.

Just five minutes into the second half FGR looked to have won a penalty but instead they got a free kick but that did not matter as Reece Brown put the ball straight in the back of the net. Sam Russell looked a bit disappointed as he had let three goals in against a team he used to play for. At the end of the match the score was 3-0 and FGR had won, as Sam Russell walked back to the changing rooms he handed my brother his goalkeeper gloves and I wanted to get Tahvon Campbells shirt but that did not happen.

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PostPosted: Thu Jan 31, 2019 10:17 pm
by Pitchfork
My name is Archie Hudd and along with Grace Parmenter we are the FGR ambassadors for Nailsworth Primary School. For the match of FGR vs Mansfield on Tuesday 29th January I was selected to produce the match report.

On a particularly cold Tuesday, night as I was getting my ball boy coat on. I was very excited for what was ahead. As the team were lining up in the tunnel the speaker announced the line up. I was very happy that Christian Doidge was back where he belongs and in the starting line up.

Mansfield starts the game and in the 4th minute FGR have a corner and it was swerved across but denied by Mansfield. In the 14th minute Mansfield Town crossed the ball in to make it 1-0. By the 21st minute Reece Brown did an outstanding 360 degree spin on one of the Mansfield Town players much to the fans delight. In the 40th minute Tyler Walker took a shot outside the box and luckily hit the crossbar. Then followed half time.

As the second half started I noticed something about the team, we had made a substitution swapping Nathan McGinley for Lloyd James . What happened next was one of the most brutal thing's I have ever seen in football.… James Montgomery took a boot to the face which caused a busted lip and him losing 4 teeth ! So we had to make two substitutions swapping James Montgomery and George Williams for Ruben Reid and also Lewis Ward . I had high hopes for Lewis because he was making his debut for FOREST GREEN and he did not disappoint.

Then Liam Shephard swerved the ball into Ruben Reid to make it 1-1 ! For the rest of the match forest green were putting on an outstanding defence against Mansfield. And then the referee blew his final whistle which ended the match 1-1 . The match sponsor team suggested that the man of the match was Carl Winchester but for me my man of the match was James Montgomery because he took one for the team!

Overall it was a VERY exciting match that FGR played well and I thoroughly enjoyed watching the game and getting the opportunity to write a match report this week.

by Archie Hudd.


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PostPosted: Sun Feb 10, 2019 10:44 am
by Pitchfork
By Jonnie Gibson, our ambassador at Kingshill, Cirencester

Saturday, February 9, 2019

Before the game, I was selling programs on the main gate and it was a great experience just being able to have conversations with the away supporters about their season so far, something which I don’t usually get the opportunity to.

The game started off with an early Notts County dominance where they had a couple of breakaways and shots on target which were met by debutant, Lewis Ward. From the off I thought that he was a great addition to the team and he looked to be a promising player.

After around the ten-minute mark the playing cards switched and Forest Green had a few slower build ups in their half and started to look dangerous until Notts County goalkeeper, Schofield, swept them and smothered the chances. The first half was then very much an end to end game and to be honest it looked as if either team could take the points.

At half time I had my usual curry sauce and chips!

Second half began and from the whistle Forest Green looked much more attacking than the first half. A few early chances but were ended by a counter attack goal by O’Brian in the 57th minute. Since that goal Forest green played the ball around in the Notts end and earnt themselves a free kick ion the edge of the box after the keeper handled the ball out of the box. Joseph Mills stepped up to take it and hit in over the wall and into the bottom left hand corner. What a goal! In the 67th minute n came George Williams came on and looked to be exactly what we needed as he got as breakthrough and scored only to the realization of the offside. The tie however was short lived as in the 77th minute Boldewijn scored an absolute screamer cutting in from the left wing and launching a right foot rocket into the top right-hand corner.

A very disappointing end to what we thought would be walkaway victory. Come on Rovers against Swindon!

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PostPosted: Tue Feb 12, 2019 8:44 am
by Pitchfork

My name is George Edmunds I am the FGR ambassador for Randwick Primary School.

Storm Erik had passed, my club team Randwick AFC had come from 2-0 down to win 4-2 in the morning and I was going to the game with my good friend Milo Mularky (former ambassador for my school) and his family. We were optimistic that FGR could continue their promotion push, but we were aware that Notts County would be a tough game, with their eight new signings and after their draw against Lincoln in the previous game.

It was Notts County that came out of the starting blocks quickest, with Lewis Ward having to make a double save in the first ten seconds of the game and then he tipped over a dipping shot from the impressive number 11, Enzio Boldewijn.

Forest Green slowly begun to get back in the game and Reid and Doidge had shots blocked. Liam Sheppard was starting to get some joy down the right wing and sitting behind the incident in the thirteenth minute we were convinced that Christian Doidge should have had a penalty, when he was sandwiched between two Notts County players and had his feet taken away from under him. Mills was also getting forward on the left and his deflected shot nearly gave FGR the lead, but was tipped over at the last second by Fitzsimons. Both sides looked to press forward, but were unable to strike first before the break.

Notts County started brightly in the second half and Ward made a world class save, to deny Boldewijn, as he cut inside from the left and from the resulting corner Lloyd James cleared off the line. Notts County took the lead in the 57th minute when Jim O’Brien cut into the box from the right and hit an unstoppable shot into the corner with is left foot. Rovers were level six minutes later when Mills drilled home a thunderbolt free-kick from just outside the box.

It looked like we had taken the lead when George Williams neatly slotted home from a Reid cross, but he was adjudged to be offside. It was Notts County that sealed the win, when Boldewijn cut inside again from the left and then curled the ball into the postage stamp to send the Notts County fans home, happy and hopeful of survival. Joseph Mills received the ‘Man of the Match’ award, but a special mention to goalkeeper Lewis Ward, who was fantastic!

We went home disappointed, but excited for the ambassador trip to Swindon on Tuesday and hopefully for a positive result.

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PostPosted: Mon Feb 18, 2019 6:14 pm
by Pitchfork
FGR versus Yeovil Town Saturday 16 Feb 2019

Report by Jago Painter, Bussage School Ambassador

Hello, my name is Jago Painter and I am the Ambassador for Bussage Primary School. I was very excited about this fixture, as we took some friends to their first ever match! We also went shopping for my sister’s birthday and got her, her first FGR scarf.

The afternoon started with a minute’s applause to honour the great Gordon Banks.

Game Time! Forest Green started brightly, looking more energetic than in their last two games. We mounted counter attack, after counter attack and this finally paid off as a deflected shot fell to Junior Mondal in the 22nd minute and he slammed it home for his first Forest Green goal.
Shortly after a cross was whistled in and it was met by Christian Doidge for a headed goal.
During half time, we enjoyed delicious, spicy samosas supplied by Girish and green coke and awaited the raffle results, not our week though.

In the second half Lee Collins in his first start of the season, hit an absolute screamer and it slammed into the bottom corner. Then a Yeovil defender clearly handled the ball in 6 yard box, we appealed to the Ref for a penalty, but it was not to be.

A fourth goal could have been scored by Doidge, but was called dubiously offside.

Soon the final whistle went. The final score? FGR 3, Yeovil 0 – a great victory and a fab afternoon!

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PostPosted: Tue Feb 19, 2019 2:29 pm
by Pitchfork
Rovers back to Winning Ways in Style

by Charlotte Adans - our ambassador at Severn Vale School

Forest Green Rovers 3 – 0 Yeovil

Pre match:

It was with some nervousness that I made my usual Saturday lunchtime journey to Forest Green Rovers following 2 back to back defeats against Swindon and Notts County. I arrived at the ground around 1pm and parked up in the school carpark, we kitted up to keep ourselves nice and warm with coats, hats, gloves and our Forest Green Rovers scarfs. We then walked through reception to be scanned in with our season tickets, I then made my way to the black and white lounge to enjoy our pre-match lunch. This then gave us the opportunity to catch up with our fellow supporters and discuss predictions and team news for the upcoming game. 2:30pm came around quickly as we settled down in our seats and watched the team go through their warm up drills, eagerly anticipating kick off.

The game:

The Forest Green Rovers line up saw three changes to the starting 11 from the defeat on Tuesday night at Swindon town. These changes saw Lee Collins (club captain) start for the first time this season, Nathan Mcginley and Junior Mondal with his debut start this season. Liam Shephard was unfortunately ruled out of this match due to having a knock from the previous match on Tuesday night, as Shephard is my favourite player, I was very disappointed that he was not in the team, but I managed to get a photo with him which made up for him not playing. This was it, moments before the whistle was blew, we all sat on the edge of our seats in anticipation waiting for the drum to start as the excitement was building from the crowd. Forest Green had a good start to the match, and they looked energized and ready to go. Our first sub was in the 66th minute which saw left-back Joseph Mills to be replaced by Nathan McGinley. Our second substitution of the match was seen in the 71st minute, scoring on his full debut Junior Mondal was replaced by Shawn McCoulsky. Our third and final sub saw Lee Collins to be replaced by Ben Liddle in the 78th minute.

Today`s match sponsors awarded man of the match to George Williams. Today`s match attendance is 2,449 with 354 making the away trip from Yeovil town FC. The half time stats looked a little like this, Forest Green Rovers had 64% possession whereas Yeovil had 36% possession. Forest Green Rovers had 10 shots when Yeovil had 5, Forest Green Rovers had 4 shots on target and Yeovil had 3 shots on target and Forest Green Rovers and Yeovil town both had 6 corners each. Overall Forest Green Rovers scored 3 goals with a clean sheet, these three goals were spread out throughout the match in both the first and the second half. Junior Mondal scored the first goal against Yeovil town, this was scored in the 22 second minute. The second goal came from Christain Doidge in the 32rd minute and the third goal was from Lee Collins in the 58th minute to make the overall score 3-0. There was fourth goal in the 92nd minute scored by Diodge which was then later disallowed by the linesman`s flag. There was also a handball in the box for Forest Green Rovers which was then disallowed, which the fans clearly protested about. At half time, the rovers raffle takes place which is the time for the half time sweets to come out of the coat pocket and we share them around with other fans.

At half time and before the match music is played to set the vibe before the match, the music has recently been changed. The new music is upbeat, good and modern, the music that is played is currently in the charts as it sets the atmosphere for the match. This then encouraged the south stand to sing with the drum. The fans then got behind the boys an drove them to the 3-0 win at the end of the 90 minutes.
Throughout the match the Yeovil away fans were singing and chanting “WAY OUT” as they wanted to protest vocally and clearly against their manager! Until next time, we will be singing “ALLY OH” all the way home! C`mon you Rovers!!!

Charlotte ADAMS

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PostPosted: Sun Mar 03, 2019 10:46 pm
by Pitchfork
FGR v Lincoln 02.03.19 by Ralph Kerry, our ambassador at Avening School

This was a match that I had been really looking forward to as I have never seen FGR beat Lincoln so I was hoping today was the day. I was also ball boy for this match.

The teams came out and it was ready for kick off. Lincoln won the toss so the goalies swapped ends. There was a huge crowd here today with lots of Lincoln fans.

The ref blew his whistle and we were off. I have to say right from the off Lincoln looked a great team but FGR were playing well. Then in the 7th minute FGR got a free kick because Williams was brought down in the box. Brown took the free kick and it was deflected off the wall and went in to the top corner. 1-0. Lincoln came back straight away as in the 13th minute the mighty Akinde scored. 1-1. Lincoln had a few corners and throw ins and you could tell that they practiced this a lot as they were always spot on. The ref blew his whistle for half time. Let's hope we could hold on.

The teams were back out and Collins came on to replace McGinley. FGR had their chances but unfortunately never took them. I could see why Lincoln were top as they were such an organised side and I could see their manager constantly coaching them on the sidelines. Then in the 76th minute Andrade was fouled by Collins so it was a penalty to Lincoln. Before they took it Mondal came on for McCoulsky. Akinde took the penalty and it was now 1-2. I was hoping now for a draw but time was running out. 87th minute and Grubb came on for Brown. I would have had Grubb on sooner. There was 5 minutes of time added on....could we draw as Lincoln have now beat FGR 6 times out of 6.

Unfortunately the match finished FGR 1 - Lincoln 2. I have to say that i really enjoyed this match. At least I had my ambassador award to look forward to. On to Morecambe next week.
Attendance = 3,165 including 822 Lincoln fans.
Man of the match = Brown
My Man of the match = Williams

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PostPosted: Mon Mar 04, 2019 9:17 pm
by Pitchfork
Hi my name is Archie Hudd from Nailsworth Primary School. This is my second time writing a match report.

This time I am doing a match report of FGR v Lincoln where unfortunately Forest Green lost 2-1.

Before the match I was preparing myself for taking part in the parade to encourage the players. Then I got into position and the players emerged from the changing rooms to battle against Lincoln.

FGR started off the game and went straight into a passing game to tire out the Lincoln team. Shawn McCoulsky had an early chance to make it 1-0 but he was denied .FGR came on the attack but was stopped by a foul on the edge of the box. Forest Green had a chance to score here as Recce Brown took the free kick and put the ball past the goalkeeper 1-0 to FGR. Lincoln had a chance to head the ball in the goal but it ended up being an easy stop for James Montgomery. Lincoln come on the attack while are trying to defend, Lincoln swerve the ball in the box and John Akinde makes it 1-1.

Second Half
Lincoln start the second half by making a attack but Rawson kicks the ball out of play. Paul Digby swerves the ball but the Lincoln goalkeeper catches the ball. A foul is given by Lee Collins. the free kick is taken and Lincoln start a new attack but it was intercepted by Joseph Mills and Lincoln say they were fouled. A penalty was given and Lincoln score their opportunity and make it 2-1. Forest Green had one more opportunity to even up the score so they decide to bring up Monty but Lincoln intercept the ball and the final whistle was blown.

Overall i thought it was a great match and i think both teams played really well.

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PostPosted: Sun Mar 17, 2019 3:46 pm
by Pitchfork
Forest Green Rovers vs Carlisle United Match Report

By Alfie Kirby (Ambassador Kingswood Primary School)
Age 10

Today at Forest Green Rovers I was both parading and ball-boying. During the parade I was lined up with Reece Brown and we had a bit of a chat - I told him that he was my favourite player, and he said, “ well I better score a goal for you.” Which on the 31st minute he did!

During the match it was very cold and windy and it started raining, but that didn’t stop me from enjoying my job as ball boy.

On the 24th minute Lewis Ward and Liam Shephard were on their game by blocking the ball when Carlisle took a real hard shot and they both cleared it unexpectedly.
Following Reece Browns amazing goal, Lewis Ward was still working hard making amazing saves diving and catching. Then Forest Green Rovers midfielder Carl Winchester struck a ball which went flying over the bar. During the match there was lots of chanting so that made me think that all fans were very supportive.

Just after half time Nathan McGinley lost the ball and Nathan Thomas made it 1-1 for Carlisle.
On the 69th minute Mark Cooper subbed George Williams on to make a change to the team, and he almost scored from a long range free kick which hit the post!

Nearly at full time Carlisle’s striker Hallam Hope almost scored, his shot being cleared off the line by Farrend Rawson – what a relief!

Lewis Ward was rewarded man of the match which he deserved as he directed the team very well and made loads of saves.

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PostPosted: Mon Mar 18, 2019 6:35 pm
by Pitchfork
FGR V CARLISLE By Lily Harrison, Christchurch Primary Chalford Hill

On Saturday the 16th of March it was time for our home team forest green rovers to play Carlisle. Just before the Match I walked onto the pitch with the players, I was stood next to number 22 Udoka Godwin-Malife, soon it was time for the game to to begin.

As the beginning whistle blew the crowds began to cheer and the Carlisle crowd booed.
There was very little momentum during the first half from either team although Carlisle probably had more chances on goal. There were many excellent saves by the forest green goalie but one of the best saves has to be in the 37th minute when the Carlisle player just kept on shooting. My favourite part of the match was when Reece Brown scored in the 31st minute. Also in the first half Carlisle took a corner which was heading for the edge box however the strong wind nearly blew it into the goal.

Unfortunately, just after half time in the 49th minute N.Thomas scored for Carlisle after a unlucky mistake by Wincester. Forest Green's performance improved when George Williams came on as substitute late on in the second half. There could have been a second Forest Green goal but sadly it hit the cross bar leaving the crowd in sighs.

The match ended with the scores of 1 all.

By Lily Harrison Y6
Christ Church School Chalford