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Only My Thoughts

Postby Cidereds8 » Wed Jan 03, 2018 4:35 pm

Afternoon everyone
Im stroud born and bread but had to move away early 2000 so don't get to see fgr that much now been a couple of times home and away this season and made it for the Wycombe again.
Now I know football has changed and you have to moves with the times but sitting in the green man with older fans I cannot remember a time when the club and its fans were so far apart from each other,i always remember that was the one thing I felt was different about our club in years gone by that fgr and the community were one but listening to people against Wycombe there felt and sounded so much wrong.
When the club got promoted I was so excited after many years of watching us against Atherston,VS Rugby to name a few that I had to pinch myself because years ago this was nothing but a pipe dream.
Fast forward to the game and as I said its only my thoughts but I was shocked to see the players lacking so much confidence there didn't seem no direction to the system the players looked confused on what they were supposed to be doing and I was taken aback by the abuse Mark Cooper was dishing out to his players which in turn made the players anxious and hide when they got the ball they just got rid of it as they looked scared to death of making a mistake and that has to come from the manager.
Now im not saying you should wrapped the players up in cotton wall but at times like these its about getting the basics right nothing complicated and if it comes down to it just pure anti football just to rack up a couple of draws and wins just to get the confidence back at this stage so be it. Its not about exciting football its getting points and confidence back as looking at the table I think we need 8-10 wins to stay up and can anyone tell me where those wins are coming from.
At the moment I think Dale Vince is at a cross road as to sacked Mark Cooper would cost a lot of money but would we lose more money if we returned to the non league with the same manager and we all know how hard its to return to the football league.
With the transfer window open if a new manager came in he would have 4 weeks to bring in new players not only that it would a bring a breath of fresh air and everyone would have a clean slate and there a lot of talented young mangers who are knocking around the lower leagues and if Dale Vince acted now its not to late as we are still in touch with teams around us at the bottom of the league where if we wait another 4-5 weeks it could be all over.
Another reason to act now is from what ive seen there is talent in the squad and maybe a new manager would find the right system etc because at the moment the players aren't playing for Mark Cooper and there seems a lot wrong on and off the pitch at the moment.
If Dale Vince decides to stick I feel he should come out to the fans and say were sticking with Mark Cooper even if the worse happens because at least the fans know there is a plan wheres at the moment there dosent seem any plan or direction and to me football is about taking your chance and fgr have a fantastic chance now and in the future and to blow it now would be painfull and unfair to the fans who go week in week out especially away from home where the support has been amazing.
Like I said its only my thoughts and im not knocking Dale Vince as he has done wonders at the club but I feel he has a massive decision to make.
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Re: Only My Thoughts

Postby king giraffe III » Wed Jan 03, 2018 4:44 pm

Careful, you'll be accused of being a doom monger. Excellent post, though.
Good kick Joe
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Re: Only My Thoughts

Postby voodoobluesman » Wed Jan 03, 2018 5:39 pm

Good post and well observed.

I think that you are right, Mark Cooper is a bully. I've just seen it too many times to give him the benefit of the doubt any more. More eloquent posters than I have commented how the team seemed to have been lifted without him on the pitch.

Although DV's interview was before this pantomime, I think it can be taken as read that he is supporting MC and will continue to do so.

This is a shame, as it's a wonderful club and a pleasure to support, however they seem to be condoning some pretty aggressive behaviour at the moment.
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Re: Only My Thoughts

Postby 20yrs and counting » Wed Jan 03, 2018 6:40 pm

It seems as though mc likes friction in the camp. It certainly seems like that looking in. Rarely a week goes by without news of players on naughty step etc. Maybe he is a perfectionist and friction motivates him.

The club is very dictatorial, comes only 1 way traffic. Often seems as though the football is way down in the pecking order of their objectives. Noticed at Wycombe match parking was difficult. Is their anyway the club, for a small fare could do shuttle mini buses from bus station up/down Spring Hill. Feel this would benefit many.
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Re: Only My Thoughts

Postby Norton Boy » Wed Jan 03, 2018 7:00 pm

Rarely a week goes by without news of players on naughty step etc.

Surely that should read "without gossip, rumour and people making it up" rather than news?
I have never seen the club or Ash announce anybody was on the ************ I can't in all good faith say those 2 words as they are so overused on here it annoys me, every time you don't see a player on match day that is the reason people trot out regardless of whether it is fact.
Don't get me wrong i am sure players are out of favour at times or dropped for reasons unknown but it is never released as news and is usually just people guessing.
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