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Postby michael » Tue Jun 25, 2019 11:50 pm

On a day when two lots of breaking news emanate from FGR ,surely the breaking news to trump any other breaking news is that Break Dancing and chess are probably going to be Olympic sports in Paris ; whilst those stupid games like netball and squash which incredibly are still played with a ball , will probably be dropped.

With VAR ,even football has realised that what happens on the green field thing is completely peripheral to those operating the gambling aps , TV and video consoles ;albeit apparently they still use human beings to operate the screens rather than Artificial Intelligence .
How very last millennium is that ?

By the 2028 games, It is envisaged that any ball game will be banned and deemed unhealthy and dangerous, as at long last video and virtual games played from home replace them ,thus cutting down on the expense of Olympic Villages for the competitors .
The Olympic committee is yet to decide whether human beings will still be allowed to participate, or whether the competitors will simply be the governing Artificial Intelligence.
The Committee are favouring the former as it takes the Olympics back to its Greek roots, where the competitors were mere slaves to their masters
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